About dying

We get concerned about dying as we mistakenly imagine the death of the dream to be my death.

Memoire by Sasa Gyoker
Thus we hold on to the dream while every night we willingly release it in deep sleep.
Why are we so attached to the fleeting?
Is it not that we mistake the fleeting to be permanent?
Is it not that we mistake the world body mind to be the reality of our experience while we overlook the reality of consciousness?
Photo by Sasa Gyoker


F.G. : Death of this body with the correspondent associations through mind is always around the corner, to aknowledge that and not to try to rationalize it or conceptualize is the first step and maybe also the last to peace!

Reply: I believe science has established that cells are constantly dying and new ones are replacing the old ones. It seems that after a while all the old cells have been replaced.
The main understanding is that I am not the mortal body mind but the reality, eternity and infinity of consciousness.
It goes beyond a conceptual understanding. It is a knowingness that releases the old belief structures.



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