About being nobody

About nobody and negation.
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In non-duality, ‘nobody’ is often misunderstood to refer to void and to an empty emptiness.
Sometimes, one arrives at the following understanding: ‘nothing is real, there is nothing to do, all there is is this and whoever is seeking truth is in illusion’. I refer to this as the ‘nobody-nothing state’.
This sort of mental understanding is incomplete and does not fulfill the heart leaving it dry and yearning for the genuine revelation.
This ‘nobody-nothing state’ lacks the fullness and magnificence of the revelation of the Self and lacks the perfume of imperturbable peace, unconditional freedom and causeless happiness. Unhappiness is still on board.
The actual revelation in non duality is that this nobody is everyone and everything. It is a fullness rather than an emptiness, or an emptiness that absorbs and acknowledges the dream.
There is no negation in non duality. There is a recognition of the illusion of identification but no negation of any sort.
Above all it is not merely an intellectual conceptual understanding. It is an understanding that percolates and imbues your entire experience, touching everything, transforming, dissolving, releasing into the openness; recognizing the openness.

Awakening is not a hiding place behind a new belief structure.
It is a genuine joyful and irreversible stepping into the openness into which everything dissolves releasing the perfume of love, peace and happiness.
It is an experiential understanding that keeps deepening and revealing more of itself. It does so with infinite grace and sense of wonder.
It is important to remain open and not to hunker down around any mental understanding. This way, the revelation keeps revealing itself and the light keeps shining through your openness.
The openness that you are.

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