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You seem to refer to a body as something existing with its own ‘individual reality’, so to speak.
In fact, all we know of a ‘body’ is the content of our mind. Meaning, we know bodily sensations, images, feelings, perceptions, all of which are ‘internal’.
In other words our experience does not confirm any ‘external/objective’ physical reality called a body. The body is an inference and so is the oak tree in the yard.
We never know a body or an oak tree in the yard outside of our mind.
But our mind is shared. We all agree that we live on planet Earth. Our particular mind as well as other human minds are not made out of mortar and cinder block. Although my particular mind experience is limited and specific right now by the narrow field of perception I am focusing on right, there is much more to it.
Also, within and between our many minds, there are numerous interactions. Our minds are porous to each other.
This porosity is due to the common source of our minds which ‘informs’ our minds. Our minds share the same source, like the many light bulbs in your house share the same electrical current.

Consider a puppet show. The puppeteer ‘precipitates’ the behavior of the puppets and all puppets are ‘informed’ by the same source. Their individual minds are informed by the same puppeteer and they all share the puppeteer’s mind.

In terms of reality, we cannot refer to beliefs being real or to bodies being real without referring to the reality of consciousness, which is their source, their choreographer and their knowingness.
It is consciousness that is the reality of the world body mind

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