A question from a friend about sex

Hi. I have a personal question.
When you have sex with the person you love and you say you are making love, is this really true? Is sex part of the illusion? Is that the separate self?

By the forest by Sasa Gyoker
Photo by Sasa Gyoker
Love is not an illusion. Consciousness is not an illusion.
The illusion is the belief that it is me making love with another, the illusion of separation and duality.
In lovemaking, there is no me and no you. There is no mind and no body. Everything is dissolved in the oneness, in the happiness, in the peace.
While the limited mind imagines a me and another and engrossed in the me/you conversation and perception, while the calculating mind perceives two bodies and two people, consciousness only perceives love and wholeness.
In lovemaking, we temporarily forget separation and the me and you dissolve. The two are one.
Ultimately, love is the complete forgetting of our identity, the complete forgetting of our separation, the complete dissolution of separation. That does not depend on any event, that does not depend on anyone or anything.
From then on, everything is the celebration of wholeness. Everything is the revelation of divine universal consciousness.

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