A dialogue with a friend: Magdi, do you believe your experience is the truth?

Friend: Magdi, do you believe your experience is the Truth, whatever that experience you have is? How can you transmit that belief?
Do you believe any one can reach the Truth and transmit it?
So why do you try to share your experience with others knowing it can not be done?

Reply: There are many questions you pose here.
First, Truth is not an experience and if someone believes their experience is the truth, they need to investigate the I that holds such a belief. When you inquire into the believer, you realize it is a ghost and it dissolves alongside all the beliefs.
When you contemplate your experience, you go beyond beliefs. You perceive the mind and you realize the stillness and the formless self.
Transmitting beliefs is ignorance. If you share new beliefs that would be a waste of time. You can share your direct living experience and inquiry which may be helpful to some.
Yes, anyone can reach the truth via their own inquiry and love for truth. You reach the truth by the dissolution of the false which reveals the truth. You cannot reach the truth as a new belief or as a thought. It has to be a direct experience that takes you directly to the vastness, formlessness of presence as your direct living experience.
Since truth is universal, whoever comes close to the truth will be touched by it in some way or the other. Some are like dry wood and catch on fire quickly, some are like unseasoned wood and take more time to catch on fire.
I share with others out of love and out of the living recognition that we are one. Sharing with other is, in a way, an invitation for the other to recognize that ultimately there is nothing to share. The sharing occurs when there is openness, interest and availability as well as maturity.
Accepting any new belief is of no use. You have to come to the living realization.

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