A comfort zone is often a hiding place

A comfort zone is often a hiding place for the imagined separate self you mis-take yourself to be.
Maintaining the crouched position does not bring you into the light … does not reveal the light and freedom that you inherently are.

Lisa T: Please explain comfort zone Magdi!

Magdi: Lisa, Comfort here refers to relying on an external source as a refuge from the sense of alienation and from the existential angst we experience due to our belief in separation.
Sometimes we seek comfort in food, attachment to objects or people, attachment to substances or belief systems.
It is an attempt at avoiding facing the inevitable: the unhappiness that is the result of our delusion.

The main delusion we suffer from is the belief that I (consciousness) is separate and limited.
A deep and serious investigation in this belief system is crucial for our liberation and for the celebration of our inherent freedom.

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