Belief is the death of intelligence

Yes, “belief is the death of intelligence” … and yet, most everyone believes in an internal personal self and in an external physical reality.
They see their perception of a tree and they go: There is a tree out there!
They perceive a bodily sensation and they go: There is a body out there!
They fail to see that all is consciousness/awareness. They fail to see that their perception is non dual and thus they chase chimerics.
They are taught that they are a mortal body mind living in an external world and they believe it.

They fail to make their own discovery and remain dead with the impression of being alive.
Ceaselessly contemplate the source, contemplate the reality of your experience. Your contemplation cannot be postponed and will release you from the ignorance of the impression of separation and duality.
There is no higher purpose and no higher meaning.

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