Holiness is in the source

Holiness is not in the scene but in the source.
It is not the scene that gives meaning. It is the source that is the meaning, the only meaning and it is the source that gives meaning to the scene.
A holy scene is one that reveals the source and emanates the perfume of the source..

Magdi:  Out if its infinite freedom and sense of play, effortlessly, the light of consciousness takes on the nondual form of world body mind.
Phenomenal events, the world body mind are at zero distance.
Separation and duality is illusion.

DS: Neither holy nor not holy – the self is entirely beyond any and all attempts to assign it attributes. Holiness is the flavor of a world [mind] in which the pure reflection of the self is unobstructed by rajas or tamas..
A person who strives to be holy, superimposes identity upon that which illumines none and all equally.

Magdi: The illusion of a separate person remains until it is seen through.
The celebration cannot take place until the liberation from the illusion.

DS: It is the illusory person who celebrates.

Magdi: How can an illusion celebrate? The statement that “It is the illusory person who celebrates” clearly expresses that this is not yet your experience. It is the Self that celebrates its glory and magnificence Joy, peace, freedom and happiness are revealed as the illusion of separation ends. The Self loves celebration and IS celebration. Celebrating itSelf. Its infinity, its grander, its splendor.

AR: Its like the fingers on a hand. If the fingers think they are independent, the hand doesn’t function as it was intended to.

Dale: Does not Brahman (the celebration) include the so called illusory…DS?

JP:  It’s all This without gradations of more This or less This in certain (negative) experiences.

Magdi: It is an incomplete teaching to state that unhappiness is also This.
The Self is ananda. Ignorance is illusion. Maya is illusion.

DS: All experience is in Maya. All of it. The self does not celebrate – it merely appears to. Do you not – as awareness – know the celebration?

Magdi: Ananda is not an experience.
The Self is not an experience. Absolutely. The Self knows itself as bliss, peace, freedom, causeless happiness and beauty.

DS: Yes Magdi – ananda is an experience / object. The very fact that it is knowable by you, proves it to be so.

Magdi: Experiences come and go.
Ananda does not. Once it is revealed.

DS:  Where is the ananda in deep sleep?

Magdi: The knowledge of the self, the revelation of the self without ananda is not complete revelation

Magdi: There is no deep sleep for the Self. Deep sleep is for the mind

DS: Self knowledge – is the cause of ananda. There’s also no experience for the self.

Magdi: Yes. Self knowledge is the gateway

JP:  Maya only exists in terms of incorrect “interpretations” of perceptions. The perceptions are themselves This. Happiness is just another temporary ego state and holds no special position. Sadness and happiness are both empty conceptual designations upon That which can’t be categorized as either. When the subconscious ceases projecting an experiencer, neither states arise.

Magdi: JP, You are describing an empty void state.
A dead realization.

DS:  The eternal creation is Maya. It does not vanish nor does liberation and freedom require it to.

JP: No, I am describing Buddhist nirvana that has no separation from the vivid brilliance of all manifestation; phenomena and manifestation is what the Absolute is. That is Its living Life force and bliss Itself.

Magdi: True. Maya does not vanish.
Ignorance and suffering do. If you are describing Nirvana Jackson, your words do not affect the glory of the revelation. The glory of God the radiance of God.

JP: The mind/brain processes information like a computer and interprets the information according to its survival needs: pro or con.
“Glory” is only as perceived dualistically in the presence of an apparent beholder of that “glory”. The glory is fully represented in any piece of doggy poop.

Magdi:  It is the divine light that shines on to the brain, onto the mind.
The divine light is not an instrument, not a computer.
Are you talking about the glory of ignorance? What is the glory of ignorance? In ignorance, where is the beauty, the splendor, the peace, the love?

JP: The brain is the divine light. There is only divine light shining. There is no “other”. Why create a dualistic religion?

Magdi: The glory of God is nondual.
There Is no glory in the illusion of separation.
You just created a new religion by stating that the brain is divine light. The brain is known. The brain is not what knows. The brain is not knowing.

JP: Ignorance is inaccurate thoughts. Thoughts when looked into are nothing less than divine light. There is only divine light.

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