A Conversation with a friend: Keep the mind uncluttered

An edited conversation with a friend:
Reply to a shared video I was recommended:
It is best to keep the mind uncluttered and unburdened by academic knowledge.
A teacher teaches the various stages of the path and guides her students as based upon her experience.
There aren’t many objectives. Only one: being established in unshakable and causeless peace and happiness.
We know happiness. No one needs to explain happiness to us. The mistake resides in seeking happiness in the world, body and mind, in impermanent objects, situations and relationships.
Yes, I get the main objective. But along my path I’ve noticed different teachings that seemingly contradict each other. For instance (as I understand) you say that you have arrived primarily by self inquiry which is really appealing to me and the inquiry that I’ve done has benefitted me to a good degree. But my initial transcendent experiences came thru realizing my heart space and this “other” dimension of myself….the feeling, intuitive aspect of my being.
Along this path teachers prescribe an embodied experience of healing the wounded heart. It seems like two different paths but this article seems to tie them together. Perhaps it’s like climbing a mountain from two different sides, seeing the scenery differently but still arriving at the top. I don’t know. I do appreciate your insight though….and that’s why I sent it to you. Thanks.
It is our love and passion for truth that matters and leads us to our heart’s destination. Our dedication and willingness to explore in complete sincerity.
Inquiry and love for truth are like our two hands. Without love for truth we would not contemplate.
We climb the mountain from many sides simultaneously. We can approach via inquiry, meaning abiding as the presence or via healing the wounded heart or both depending on our inclination. Most often, our contemplation includes both the path of abiding and the path of love.
Our love for the path leads us. Not simply our love for the destination.
That last statement feels good. This mindset helps to combat the feelings of frustration that I sometimes have in feeling groundless and restless. I used to be such a confident person and so self assured but I find myself grasping for a reality that makes me feel secure. I realize the wisdom in being accepting of my path and gentle with my current experience.
Yes. Love is now and not tomorrow. Grasping maintains the illusion of me in time and maintains the resistance of the separate self. Self judgment and measurement maintains the me-in time.
When you surrender the feeling of frustration, meaning when you are still, remaining in the stillness of presence, the stillness of awareness, the struggle is not maintained and the wide open sky remains wide open.
The me stories and impressions of separation are maintained when we live in the past and drag the corpses along.
Best is to keep your finger on the refresh button and remain uncluttered with the past.

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