About Finding fault.

Finding fault with the oneself or another created an illusory division in the seamless and borderless open space of being.

The mind becomes charged with a sense of separate me and with the angst of judgment.
Finding fault with the other maintains the me and you duality and maintains the contraction in the body feeling space.

This unhappiness moves into our belly, into our chest, into our neck and shoulders, into our throat.
Then finding fault struggles to justify itself, to defend and rationalize its position as a way of avoiding the pain and unhappiness that has inhabited the body mind. Like a fish caught in the net. The more it struggles, the more entangled in the net it becomes.

Finding fault with another invites a similar response from the seeming other and we find ourselves engaged in a duel… an unhappy situation for everyone.

Surf City Sunrise         How about dropping our conditions and demands and approach each moment with gentle loving listening openness? How about simply loving and beinglove and celebrating the beauty and simplicity of being?

There is no real danger. The sense of danger is an old habit that has inhabited the body mind. There is no real threat to what you really are … the open space of awareness.
THAT remains untouched by whatever it dreams, by whatever it conceives, by whatever it perceives.

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