A Conversation with a friend: The sensitivity of the body mind

A conversation with a friend: Open to Love.
Magdi…When I open to love, tears come and sometimes it is almost painful in my chest. It is not based on loss or abandonment, in fact I do not feel sad. Have you any idea why?
The body mind is a very sensitive instrument.
When you open up to love, you are saying yes and thus the body mind becomes subject to the changes that accompany such a commitment.
Since you are moving away from resistance and pursuit, your previous armor thins out and energy floods your body mind. Thus triggers shifts in the body and releases the me-contractions in the body.

It is important to remain as a witness and not give much importance to the shifts in the feeling states in the body. What matters is to get established in the peace and happiness of your true nature.

Remain open, transparent and allow whatever arises to unfold freely without holding on to anything and without constraining nor pursuing anything.
Tears also open up the channels, lubricates them and soften them which is a wonderful thing.
The pain in the chest will diminish as you relax your chest, inhaling and exhaling deeply while stretching your arms and extending your hands as if to caress distant galaxies.
Invite your body to expand like an inflating balloon that has very flexible skin. First with your eyes closed and later (after much practice) with your eyes open, allow yourself to expand beyond your previous senses of limitation. Expand your body in all directions. This should be helpful with the pain in the chest.Remain with the openness and do not think your way through this.

Thank you Magdi for your thoughtful response. It is very helpful. Love to you ~

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