Video: Perceiving anger. Sadhana. Formal meditation. Dealing with my mothers victimhood

(24:40)When I perceive anger, is the anger me? (38:10-47:35)The sadhana of no separate self in daily life (48:20-54:20)Loving consciousness vs loving the world. We embrace everything as the Self. What to do about the toxic culture that surrounds us? (55:25-1:07:50)What is the role of formal meditation? (1:08:15-1:12:40) I worry about not articulating questions in satsang. The silent recognition of causeless peace. In truth and fact, there are no questions. (1:12:47-1:15:35)Follow up: Dealing with my mother’s victimhood. Being the untouched witness. (1:15:44-1:28:50)When I am with people, the space contracts and the personal self is real once more. (1:29:02)Freedom from addiction to thought


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