This is a wonder full journey we are on.

This is a wonder full journey we are on. Together. 
We are contemplating this journey. Each one of us is looking in a certain specific direction and sharing their journey. 
It is transparent. 
I can see many folks preoccupied. In a sort of a bubble. 
I don’t follow their journey since it does not seem to be happy. It does not seem full of light. 
That is my impression. I can see how someone else may be interested in the bubble. But that is not my case. 
I love 💗 the light. The happiness. The bliss of Self awareness. 
That is the turn that my journey has taken. 
The contemplation of truth. 
It feels happy and free. And true. 
How is it for you? Is there more and more light and happiness in your life? 
Does that matter to you? 
What are we doing here? Together. 
Alone or all-one?

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