The interim Advaitic understanding and the goal of Advaita.

In advaita, there is an interim understanding where a half point is reached. At that interim point, the realization is that: ‘all is the same Self, including misery and unhappiness.’
Traces of ignorance (separation) remain but they are unseen and undissolved.
The ultimate realization is the realization of causeless peace and happiness that is eternal, effortless and unwavering.
It is important not to dwell too long in the interim station and continue your exploration until you are absolutely settled in the goal.
Love, beauty, intelligence, wisdom, humor, happiness are qualities of the undivided Self.
The negative emotions are qualities of ignorance (the separate self, me/you impression).
A rose without its perfume is sterile.
Advaitic understanding without the perfume of love, beauty, peace, happiness is an academic understanding.
The goal of Advaita is causeless and unwavering peace and happiness.
Until that is reached, you are still on the path.

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RS:  Advaita has goals?

Magdi: The realization of the Self. Causeless peace and happiness.

BR:  Is this peace an experience in consciousness, sensations of well being in awareness?

Magdi: Peace is consciousness. The revelation is that of causeless peace and happiness; consciousness finally knowing itself in its full glory. The one and only reality, eternal, infinite, borderless.
Not an experience in time.

RS: But if we say we have goals, we are again back at the end of the wheel, spinning in merry go round. How then can we say we preach Advaita that has no entities and no volition in it?

Magdi:  The goal is not a worldly one. Dropping your goal prematurely and maintaining a belief of ‘no goal’ keeps you as a person, keeps you in separation and is a mind game of no use. Being truly goal-less requires the realization and the stabilization of the Self eternal. Pursue the high path, the impersonal goal that is the realization of the Self, until all goals and efforts, effortlessly cease.
Your barometer is causeless and unwavering peace and happiness.

RS: One can not drop this goal even if he tries. Nothing can “keep you as a person”. Nothing you do or don’t do for that matter. You will be a person until you are not, that’s it, you can do nothing about it.
And when you say your goal should be not worldly one, it is all the same a goal, which brings you back to the merry go round. Pursuing the high path is the same as being entrapped in samsara when people pursue drinks and drugs.

Magdi: The are no limitations to consciousness. Open yourself up to the revelation of the Self. The stillness and peace that you seek is there awaiting you. You can say yes to it and release the mind back to the source. Do not underestimate your potential: the potential of consciousness. THAT you are.
The goal is not worldly and is not attainable by a person. It is the revelation that ends the personal impression. But until then, it is wise to love the truth and do your best to ready yourself to it.

RS: Magdi, no one can open himself up to revelation of the Self, thats the point! Any act of volition on your part is the act of enslaving you even deeper. You can’t even drop it or pretend to stop doing it, it is NOT depending on you or what you do or not do. So there is no one who can be defeatist or a victor. The one who tries to get rid of illusion, is also an illusion!

Magdi: Indeed, as long as you mistake yourself to be someone, this someone (as you say) ‘cannot open himself to the revelation of the Self.’
But you are not a someone. You are not the person thought and memory says you are. But while you mistake yourself to be a someone, a person, at some point, there is some doubt that arises. The doubt starts to crack the shell of the separate self. Once there is this slight loosening of the belief structures (the belief that I am a mortal body mind), there is a new possibility.
The possibility of assisting the process and saying yes to the liberation from the bondage of ignorance. This possibility of helping out and accelerating the process is a revelation in itself.
Practically speaking, it is becoming interested in ceasing to feed and fuel the I-thought and ceasing to act and respond from the me-feeling. Remaining still and open without pursuing the me-feeling. Allowing it to expand and dissolve in the vastness of Being.

RS: Who mistakes himself to be someone? What I say is completely opposite: there is no one who can imagine himself to be or not be anything.

Magdi: That is true from the absolute perspective. If that is your realization, then this conversation os not for you.
First, there is the realization that the one I thought I was is indeed ‘no one’. It is revealed that the separate self is a mirage. This is not the end of the path.
What remains is the glorious revelation of the Self. The revelation of no-one is an important interim revelation, but not the full deal.

RS: Magdi,as long as goal remains, one is entrapped. There is no escape from it.

Magdi: The goal naturally and effortlessly drops along the way. When the fruit is ripe. But until then, you can help the process by focusing on the Self.
To prematurely preach ‘no-goal’ is sterile when it is not accompanied with the full realization of the Self. ‘No-goal’ is only a pointer and not the complete deal.

RS: But remember you were suggesting to have this “other worldly goal”. This doesnt make it any different from any other goals, which keeps you entrapped in the illusory self.

Magdi: As long as you are not established in causeless peace and happiness, the world body mind remain your reality and entice you. The revelation of the Self is not complete.
If the term ‘goal’ is too gritty, replace it with the term love, passion, interest. Whatever you do, do not settle in an intellectual ‘no-one’ or ‘no-goal’. Use ‘no-one’ and ‘no-goal’ as a contemplation, but not as a belief.
There is a divine impersonal goal, until the goal is revealed. It is your passion for truth that  is impersonal that calls you.

RS: There is no self, that’s the case. As long as you believe there is some kind of “high Self”, you will be longing for it and pursuing it, which is a mirage, just as everything else. As for causeless peace, yes it happens when there is a total elimination of “me-person”, but this fact does never mean that this “high” will remain till the end of his life.
Liberated “person” (although such thing doesn’t exist) can easily experience piss off or anger, or sadness, but it will not be him who experiences all this, these things will manifest by themselves, without anyone attached to them, and vanish back into nothingness, unaffecting anyone.
So there is no suffering in these manifestations in fact, as suffering is applied only to “person”. Telling people that enligtenment is some kind of spiritual high when you will always be happy and peaceful, is deceiving them. Now, when you suggest to “replace” term goal with “love, passion, interest” – it will not work either. Because all these three are not the same thing. Love has NO goals. It doesn’t need them. Love also doesn’t need anyone who is in love or pursues love, because love is complete. “Passion” is a complex word which can mean different things to different people. “Interest” is simply a manifestation of what is, in a form of interest, and we have various kinds of it too. If it is the interest as of a puppy which sniffs some unusual thing he spotted, it is harmnless, but if it is a goal-oriented “interest” then we are in separation.  There is no belief in anywhere what I am suggesting.
However I can see a lot of appeals to belief in your posts. But its all ok anyway.

Magdi: Anger is personal and denotes mistaking oneself to be a person. Anger is not possible without attachment. The realization of the Self does not include suffering. As long as there is suffering and anger, there is identification with a form. Ignorance is not dissipated. Suffering, misery is imposed and is the result of mistaking ourselves to be a person. There can be an end to this.
Best to you.

RS:  Same to you.

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