Living the teaching

A serious student of the way lives the teaching 24/7 and not only during satsang on Sunday or Thursday afternoon.
The teacher reminds you that the path is not of the mind, that you need to drop the mind, to drop the old patterns that maintain the illusion of a separate me.
But it is up to you to heed the teachers admonitions and live them.
How often you get frustrated as you contemplate the same old stuckness which has haunted you for decades?

You fail to see that you maintain the illusion of separation through your interest in the gossiping divisive mind.
You fail to take a clear look at your own behavior that maintains you as a person, that maintains the impression of a limited suffering illusory person.
As you maintain the old mind, you maintain the misery, you contribute to it, you maintain the poor me, the how great I am or how stupid I am or the other is. You maintain the separate me, the separate other and all what comes with it.
You nourish your ignorance while you complain about it.
It is crucial that you be stoic, lucid and recognize that it is your very choice to continue the charade of the me-separation.
Look at yourself without deception! Hiding behind a spiritual veil does not liberate you from ignorance.
Live the light, live the truth. Clean up your house by living the teaching. You are this borderless aware presence, limitless and not any thing. Not a body mind. You perceive all perceptions without ever being touched nor stained by the the images on the screen.
You are the Borderless Openness of Being and not a limited mortal body mind.

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