How can the dream character be aware that he is not the movie?

Question: My true dilemma is: How can the dreamt character be aware that he is not the movie being run on celluloid? 💕💕
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Awareness belongs to the one and only real ‘awarer’, to the one and only reality: Universal consciousness/awareness.
Awareness is not an attribute of what is dreamt. Awareness is not an attribute of any dream character ands does not belong to the dream characters.
In other words, the character you are dreaming cannot be aware of what is dreaming it. Only YOU are aware. YOU as consciousness/awareness, since after all it is You that is conscious.

Flying elephant painting, Irena Shklover
In ignorance, we believe that the ‘I’ is a mortal body mind. And therefore the thorn of fear of mortality is implanted.
In wisdom, the true ‘I’ is the Self: universal consciousness, borderless and eternal… untouched by all dreams that it is dreaming.
Your question is: How can the pink flying elephant that I dream myself to be, how can this pink flying elephant be aware that he is real?
The answer is: He is not real and this question is moot.
Simply realize what you truly are. The open aware borderless infinite universal space of consciousness.
Contemplate your experience and not your belief systems. You already are That you contemplate.

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Sean: The Dreamer is Aware – and this Dreamer seems to have an intuitive sense of his identity as the Love that transcends the dream. It is felt within the dream but the depths of this love transcends the dream. My question – how is this consciousness known to be universal? How would the Dreamer know whether or not there is a consciousness that exists apart from “it”. Is there anything that the Dreamer can “know” if the mind is a function/manufacturer of the dream?

Magdi: The ultimate ‘dreamer’ is consciousness/awareness itself, the one and only reality, second to none. What is referred to as ‘I’.
Meaning it is You (consciousness and not a mortal body mind) that is aware of the dream. It is you that is aware, period.

You ask: How is this consciousness known to be universal?
My answer is: There is no way to ‘prove’ anything about consciousness. Since there is nothing apart from consciousness to observe it and to conduct an experiment about it.
Yet, we can contemplate the common belief that consciousness is personal. This can be done as you contemplate your direct experience and ask yourself: ‘According to my experience, is there a beginning or end to consciousness?’ You will eventually conclude that there is no such thing as a starting point or ending point to consciousness.

This will lead you to ‘not-knowing’. Your belief structure that consciousness is personal and limited will have no leg to stand on.

You will find yourself in the openness of not-knowing.
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Nothing exists apart from the one and only reality of consciousness/awareness.
The ultimate (and only dreamer) is knowingness itself.

Sean: I’ve concluded that there is no way to “know” either way as “knowing” is a product of the mind – which is obviously finite (and groundless). Intuitively it seems that what you are saying is correct. But none the less – a belief (when viewed as a paradigm within the mind).

Magdi: Yes… only the direct revelation of the universality of consciousness matters.

But, in the meantime, our exploration will reveal that our belief in consciousness being personal and limited are unfounded. Thus such beliefs can drop, thereby clearing the field.


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