Does identification cease?

We all know that before long, this ‘me-the body-impression’ will dissolve with the death of this body. This could be simply a temporary dissolution of the identification.
Does the identification really cease with the death of this body? What leads you to believe that it does?

After all, there are endless bodies being born all of which are infected with the ‘me-the body-impression’. Identification appears to be endless, beyond bodies dying.
The real ending is not with the death of the body.
There is an ending to identification that does not depend on any phenomenal event or situation. This ending requires your perseverent contemplation and inquiry.
The eternity of the Self is for you to contemplate. You do not do so by adopting a new set of beliefs. You do not do so by joining an organization. You do not do so by catering to your mortal feelings and mortal emotions. You do not do so by sweeping the entire matter under the rug.
If you are reading these words and there is any resonance, then you need to honor the invitation. You need to rise from the dead and walk a higher path. You need to abandon cajoling and massaging your feeling states and walk courageously in the direction of the source.
You are the source eternal. Do not look far away. Do not travel to distant lands. Remain steady and use all what appears to you as a pointer to the source.
Let go of your old identification patterns. Let go of the me stories and investigate the I.
You are this aware presence irrespective of the images on the screen. You are this aware presence in the presence of images as well as between images, between thoughts… in the absence of images as well in their presence
There is no other treasure but the revelation of the Self. Drop all your beliefs and walk nakedly towards truth.
It is eternally calling you, like a magnet calls all iron filings to come to it.
Come to God. Come to truth. Come to the ending of the separate me-illusion.

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