Contemplate the reality of your experience

Conversation with a friend.
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As you continue to contemplate the reality and truth of your experience, the personality patterns will become less and less important and less and less predominant. The path of love and beauty will continue to unfold and will continue to attract you until you can no longer look in any other direction.
Love for truth is the highest practice since it is love for truth that reminds us of God’s grace and keeps us in God’s proximity.

The nourishment for the soul is eternal presence and it is what is revealed when you do not take yourself to be a separate body mind.
The Self reveals itself effortlessly when we do not feed the ‘me-the-person’ belief structures. As the Self reveals itself, it is beauty, love, freedom, harmony and delight…. all the way!
You say: ‘The feeling is as if there is something that needs to be nourished, cared for like a baby plant, and yet I also feel like nothing needs to be done. I can´t really understand.’
The revelation of the Self is delicate and precious. Although the Self is complete wholeness … the one and only reality, it is not to be taken lightly. It is easy to revert to the old patterns. Therefore it is important to live according to your new understanding… that you are consciousness and that the consciousness that you are is not personal.
This new seedling needs to be cared for until it takes deep roots and is firmly established.
Much Love.

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