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Friend: How is memory recognized or brought into the Now? Just now as I woke up, it seems that I didn’t remember the address of the place where I live? But then all of sudden a thought arose without me thinking about it with the correct address.

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Reply: Memory arises as images and as bodily sensations. There is a continuity. This continuity is usually attributed to the object. That is how come the objective world is perceived to be real.
What is overlooked is that the continuity does not belong to the form. The continuity is the continuity of consciousness. It is the uninterrupted nature of consciousness that leads to the impression of continuity that we attribute to the world.

Friend: Just as a dream? In deep sleep? But it seems memory helps in a way or it leads me to the believe the I am this person?

Reply: Yes. In the night dream, the continuity of the dream is due to the reality of the dreamer, you.
But in the night dream, the world and body are absent and become virtual. Thus, in the night dream, the continuity of the world and body are more fluid and less set in stone.
Memory does not lead to the belief that you are a specific person. Memory is thought images.
It is the belief that you are the body mind that maintains this impression of personhood.
Once that belief thins out, the impression that you are a person will also thin out. Memory will continue but will be void of the impression of a continuous person.
Continuity belongs to what is eternal, it belongs to the reality of consciousness.



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