A conversation with a friend: How come my clarity does not last?

Friend: I have been contemplating a lot lately, and I have discovered (again) that I am not what I think or believe. The ‘me’ that I take myself to be doesn’t really exists. It’s just that every thoughts that arises, the ‘me’ attaches itself to it automatically, and this brings the feeling of Me-doing. I create thought, but this is erroneous !! Feeling arises, and a false I, attaches itself to it and claim responsibility. I’ve noticed that this happens very fast, the identification of a ‘me’ with houghts or feelings happens instantly. I wanted to catch when it happens but everything just happens fast. Which led me to wonder: Is there a point in time when the real “I” will shine and be strongly present (evident) in my experience ? Is it possible to recognize the falsehood of the identification at all instants without interruptions?

I am asking this, because sometimes I can recognize that there is an identification happening and I am above it, but the clarity quickly disappears, and the identification happens quickly again.

Reply: Whatever it is that notices the habitual identification is free from the identification.

Friend: Yes It is, but it’s hidden somehow

Reply: The Self is not perceivable by the senses. The senses cannot perceive the perceiver. No instrument, no phenomenal means can perceive the perceiver.
And yet… There is no doubt that YOU are noticing the habitual identification. This YOU that is not perceived, perceives. It is That which notices the habitual identification while remaining free from the identification that it perceives.

Friend: Yeah
That which perceives is free.

Reply: Notice the perceiving is free from the perceived. Notice that it is you that perceives
Not you an identity. Not you a man, a woman, a person.
You… the Self….
Undefined, unperceived and yet…. very real and comletely free
Only the full revelation of the Self, only the full revelation and establishment of your true nature will set you free.

Friend: Yes
I will continue my contemplation of the self
Is there anything else I can do to set myself free beside Contemplation?

Reply: The Self is already free
You have never been not-free
Continue to study the way
There is no other meaning to this manifestation, no other purpose but the contemplation and realization of the Self. The celebration awaits you.

Friend: Yes, thank you I will continue my study

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