A comment by Ed Thompson

A comment by Ted Thompson:
“In the classic work, Panchadasi, Vidyaranya offers a metaphor of a father trying to pick out his son’s voice in a large choir. He sometimes hears it but usually not so clearly. His son’s voice is mingled with and confused by the voices of others.

Sunset 2
The knowledge of awareness is confused by constant thoughts and perceptions. Awareness can be pointed out again and again until it becomes clearly experienced.
The fewer voices singing, the easier it is to pick out the son’s voice. The fewer thoughts in the mind, the easier it is to be aware of the Self as awareness.
If the son sings a solo, then his voice is clearly heard, and can even be pointed out to a stranger. “Hear that, that’s my son singing.” If the mind is free of thoughts and perceptions for even a moment, one can directly experience the Self as that. Then afterwards, one is constantly aware of the Self as beingness, awareness and limitless freedom.
We exist as awareness always. Yet we tend to misidentify with the body and mind. Awareness is invisible to the senses and ungraspable by the mind.
If Awareness is pointed out again and again, if we diligently strive to see what is being pointed out, sooner or later we will get it.”

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