The impression of personal definition

The main impression we suffer from is the impression of personal definition, location and isolation.
In the night dream, your sense of definition takes on other forms, even the form of pink flying elephants and in the deep sleep state, definition, location and isolation are non existent and dissolve in the ether.
In spite of the shiftability of impressions and even their disappearance in deep sleep, you are safe, free, happy and all is well. Is that not so?

Loving Energy

In fact, oftentimes, you wake up from deep sleep refreshed and ready to dance! Well… that is until the old me-clouds are once again downloaded in the body.
The I-thought is such an old habit that in-habits our muscular and cellular structure.

Is it possible to notice that, in the waking state, and in fact in all states, the impressions of limitations are like clouds appearing in a limitless wide open borderless sky? Insistent puffs of smoke.

Is it possible to notice that the borderlessness of presence and the infinity of consciousness is intimately what I am?

Is it possible to notice that the reality of borderless presence/consciousness is ever present and does not come and go?

The images shift on the screen but the screen does not.

Is it possible to live from that understanding and be open to the deepening of the revelation of the reality and universality of consciousness?

Why revert to the old paradigm of personal definition, separation and isolation, the old stale paradigm of ‘I am a mortal body mind’ while it does not lead us to truth, freedom and happiness?

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