There is no higher contemplation than the contemplation of the Self, the contemplation and exploration of the reality and universality of consiousness.

Cherish your interest in truth as it is a gift from the divine that reveals the path to peace, love,  freedom, beauty and happiness.

Loving truth is a journey of joy and delight that leads you home… the home that you never left.
The home that I AM.

Meet Magdi

Magdi PhotoOn Line non-duality meeting: Magdi is available on Google+ hangout for an online satsang where he answers questions. The Hangout schedule is announced a few days ahead on Magdi's FB page. If you are a Google+ Hangout friend of Magdi, you receive a notification 24 hours ahead announcing the Hangout. FYI, the Hangouts are recorded and are available on YouTube. In person meeting: Every Sunday from 2-5pm EST, Magdi holds meetings at his home in Annandale, Virginia. The meetings are listed on Meetup at:

Non Duality Meeting: Satsang with Magdi

Annandale, VA
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Using guided meditations, inquiry and exploration, Magdi guides in the contemplation of belief systems and feelings of separation.

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