There is no higher contemplation than the contemplation of the Self, the contemplation and exploration of the reality and universality of consiousness.

Cherish and honor your love for truth as it is a gift from the divine that reveals your true nature as peace, love,  freedom, beauty and happiness.

Loving truth is a journey of joy and delight that leads you home… the home that you never left.
The home that I AM.

Meet Magdi

On Line non-duality meeting: Magdi Shares his non-dual experience with people who are interested in awakening to the Self and are seriously contemplating truth. He meets weekly for online satsang. These meetings are recorded on his YouTube channel and announced on his facebook page and Meetup group (listed below). Magdi considers Francis Lucille his Sat guru. In person meeting: Every Saturday at 4PM EST, Magdi holds meetings at his home in Annandale, Virginia. The meetings are listed on Meetup at:

Non Duality Meeting: Satsang with Magdi

Annandale, VA
373 Members

This meeting is an inquiry into the belief and feeling of separation and a contemplation into the nature of consciousness.Magdi leads the group through various meditations an...

Next Meetup

Online satsang Thursday Dec 13 at 5PM EST

Thursday, Dec 13, 2018, 5:00 PM
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