Conversation with a friend: Higher Reasoning and Contemplation

Conversation with a friend
Friend: How can thinking about what you are not change your mentality of who you think yourself to be?
Reply: No thought or idea can reveal the truth. No thought can reveal the Self eternal. The use of Higher Reasoning can only deconstruct the false belief structures by revealing how insane they are.
Snow Flowering by Sasa Gyoker
Friend: Higher Reasoning? But is this a trap? A decoy away from the real excavation that would reveal the knowing that you are awareness, experiencing in this very moment?
Reply: Higher Reasoning is a tool available to the mind. The correct use of reasoning reveals that the belief in a separate consciousness has no valid foundation, no valid supporting evidence.
Once you meet a teacher that is established he will guide you. Continue to explore the belief that consciousness is separate and limited. Ask yourself: In this very moment what evidence is there that consciousness is separate and limited?
Stay with the question even when no answer arises. Eventually, the open question answers itself. The answer will not come from the mind as the mind can cay lead you to the not-knowing.
Friend: The way it projects the moving world outside. By seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, talking to other beings. Interacting with them, makes it seem so real. Makes it seem that I am not alone.
Reply: Contemplate the Source and not its manifestations. Do not rely on the senses to discover God. God’s manifestations are infinite and marvelous.
But it is the revelation of the source as causeless peace and happiness that is the real celebration that is free from the phenomenal world and yet, it celebrates the phenomenal world.
Friend: When you say: Ask yourself in this very moment what evidence is there that consciousness is separate and limited? And you say: Contemplate the source.
Are these one in the same?
Reply: They are not the same but they lead to the same end.
One is at the mind level and the other is at the heart level. All paths complement each other and lead to the source since your intention is divine.
Friend: Okay I will remain in contemplation.
Reply: Contemplation of the source is a loving stillness that does not move out into the world body mind, that does not attempt to change anything. It is an open loving contemplation that has turned its gaze onto the higher.
Higher reasoning inquiry is more of a movement, an inquiry into the belief systems using a sharp reasoning mind. A guide can help you in this path.
Remember that the main exploration is at the feeling level. When feelings arise, stay in the not-knowing mind. Stay in the benevolent stillness, the open field of presence. Turn your attention to the openness and not to the moving impressions on the screen.
You can also notice that whenever negative emotions arise, the separate consciousness belief is on board. You are taking yourself to be a mortal body mind person once again, and thus the negative emotions arise.
Friend: Okay I will follow your pointers. Thank you again.

Spiritual beings by Sasa Gyoker

New Questioner:
GF: But this has to be realized as a manifested body-mind organism!

Magdi: GF, God realization is beyond the body mind organism. The mind’s comprehension of God realization is not to be relied on as it is limited. The belief that the body mind organism is needed for God realization limits God’s hand.
God’s hand is limitless.

GF: Let me see if I understand. Are you saying that we could be chatting even without a body-mind organism? That liberation can happen even without a body-mind organism?

Magdi: GF, chatting is a body mind function. The Self is beyond bondage and liberation. Beyond the mind functions.
What I am saying is God can play the game whichever way she chooses. To say that God can play the realization game via the body mind and only via the body mind is a limitation imposed by the mind, onto God.
God is limitless and is the only reality.

GF: Yes but we would not be even writing here without a body-mind, liberation would not mean anything with no body-mind!

Magdi: GF, True liberation is ‘from’ the body mind. Higher reasoning, meditation and contemplation are not of the body mind.
In ignorance we attribute these non-mind qualities to the limited mind. We erroneously perceive the body mind as a reality.

KG: There is no contradiction in saying the Self isn’t ultimately the “body-mind” AND it is not separate from it either! Only the mind gets trapped in these kinds of paradoxes!

Magdi: KG, The Self cannot be expressed by the mind. It is a direct revelation that is beyond the body mind and that reveals the illusion of body mind.
It is via the revelation of the one and only reality of consciousness, and the universality of consciousness that the separate body mind impression dissolves.
Without the separate impression of body mind, all there remains is universal body mind; i.e. the Self eternal.

KG: Only the mind gets trapped by a paradox Magdi.

Magdi: KG, In wisdom, it is the personal impression that dissolves. The contracted limited impression is no longer on board.
One could say that the personal body mind makes room to the universal body mind.
The body and mind of universal consciousness, so to speak.

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