What is it to struggle?

About struggle and struggling.
What is it to struggle?
Who/what is it that struggles?
What is the reality of struggle?

Struggle refers to someone wanting something for their person, for their personal convenience, according to their personal conditions. Wanting things to be different.
For whom?
Can you contemplate that the struggle impression is based on thought and sensations that are inspired by the belief that I am a limited mortal person.
Mentation and sensation masquerade as truth.
And you go along.
As you adopt the belief that consciousness is limited, struggles will seem real since you have reduced yourself to a person, limited yourself to an event … and the world confirms & mirrors back your projection that you are a limited person.
The belief that consciousness is limited is unhappy. It is stepping away from God.
That is unbearable. And we all yearn to return home.
The home that we have never really left.

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