Everyone is given their dream

Everyone is given their dream.
All dreams are meant to bring you to God.

Fall Caterpillar
Very few, whether they are in Third World or European nations, whether they are born in prosperity or poverty , whether they are educated or illiterate… very few recognize the message of God. They get lost in the mind and self identity.
Once you are lost in the world, no matter what shape the world takes, you are lost from God and all you know is unhappiness.
It is the remembrance of God that returns you to her and releases you from the dream illusion.


V.T. : Thanks Magdi, this is the first time I think I have read you use the word God.

Reply:  I use a variety of words to refer to THAT that is beyond words. On occasion I use the word God.
The true meaning of God is not conceptual. The true meaning of God is revealed in the realization of the reality and universality of consciousness that is impersonal, eternal and infinite.
The full revelation of God is the experience of causeless peace and happiness that does not come and go. All the divine qualities, such as love, compassion, empathy, etc. arise from this recognition.
The recognition is that of the divine, that we are … that appears as all appearances, without any duality.

V.T. :  Yes Indeed, Magdi !


H.R. : How can anything or anyone be lost from God? Does anyone have an existence separate from God. Is there a you AND God, or is there only God?

Reply: Harry, when you are dreaming that a lion is about to eat you, you are terrified, in fact there is no lion.
That is the illusion. Waking up from the illusion requires more than intellectual understanding.
You wake up and realize the lion and the person running away from the lion were a dream, but a moment later you are dreaming the same dream again.
That is why God sends sages to wake you up for good.
Once it is your living experience, your living truth that all is God, then your words come from the source and are not merely intellectual.
Words that come simply from an intellectual understanding or simply from reasoning, lack the perfume of divine presence.
It is the experience of God that matters. Experiencing God in everyone and everything.

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