• Join Magdi’s webinars:
    • Magdi’s weekly (online live) Satsangs are held on Thursday at 5pm EST. The Hangout link is posted at 4:00 pm on Magdi’s Facebook page and on the Meetup group.
    1. Note: Places are limited to 10 attendees
    2. The Satsang can also be watched live on YouTube at 5PM by going to Magdi’s YouTube channel
    3.  General format of the All day retreats with Magdi: 
      1. All day retreats with Magdi in Northern Virginia

        9:30 Arrival
        10:00-12:00 Satsang
        12:00-1:30 Lunch break
        1:30-3:00 Meditation body awareness
        3:00-4:00 Tea break
        4:00-5:30 Satsang
        Vegetarian Lunch will be provided for $10

        Retreat cost $45
        Lunch $15
        RSVP required

        2.We are happy to announce another non-duality retreat with Magdi in beautiful Costa Rica.
        The June 2018 retreat schedule includes Satsang with questions and answers, private meetings with Magdi as well as body awareness.

        Retreat cost is $450 which includes vegetarian meals and lodging.
        The retreat begins on Saturday (6/16/18) and ends Tuesday (6/19/18).

        For additional information, please send us a message at magdi0198@gmail.comIn case you arrive earlier, a pleasant hotel is available close to the retreat center for around $75/night.

        The hotel offers shuttle service from the airport as well as to the retreat center.

        3. August retreat in Mt Shasta California

        August 3-August 7 2018 at the retreat center Flowing Waters near Mt Shasta.
        Cost is $650 which includes lodging and meals
        If interested, you can reach us at
        Or contact Michael Coffman (Ananda Michael Coffman) on Facebook or via email at


      Magdi can be reached on FB where he is known as Magdi Badawy